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Auto CAD (2D,3D Max)


DUSRA Soft is the best Auto CAD training institute in Dhaka Bangladesh.  Our Auto CAD training center located in Dhanmondi Dhaka. We provide our video class tutorials to the students. That is why our students can learn easily. Our training center is best for Auto CAD 2D, 3D and 3D MAX.

We learn many things even we’ve learned enough, but we can’t apply all the things that we know in real life. Right? But, if you can learn such a fact which makes you better qualified and for which you will have high demand that is definitely good for you. AutoCAD is such a thing. AutoCAD helps you to draw blueprints of buildings (both interior and exterior), bridge, engineering plans, and so on. You also can draw the outlook of any structure before making it using this software. DUSRA Soft is the best AutoCAD training center in Dhaka help to complete those types of works.

You can do this magical task after knowing AutoCAD. That is why we advise completing the AutoCAD course from a good AutoCAD training center. If you wish to learn AutoCAD, DUSRA Soft is always with you to help or giving you the proper guideline.

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is computer-aided software that is mainly used to draw the plan and blueprint of a building, any construction or bridge. It is drafting software that is why the software is often used by civil, mechanical, electrical, architectural engineers, and interior designers.

What are the Tasks can be Done Using AutoCAD?

AutoCAD can be used for multiple purposes. This is the primary advantage of this software. We tried to enlist the tasks that can be done using the software. So take a look at a glance at the following.

Architectural Planning Tool: The software has many features, and the design layout is one of them. The feature contains numerous templates that are compatible with designing building construction and architectural planning. You also find an analytical tool in this software, which can calculate the load level and troubleshoot the stress of building. With the app, you can also calculate the strength of any structure while you are drawing the design. You are most welcome to complete an architecture training course in Bangladesh from the best architecture training center DUSRA Soft.

Graphic Design Tool: If you are a graphic designer, then you may take help from AutoCAD. As a graphic designer, you may frequently have to make animation, logos, and many more. In this case, you use graphics related software like 3D Max, which is AutoCAD supported. If you are looking for a 3D Max training Center in Dhaka, we are here to help you.

3D Printing: Nowadays everybody likes the 3D format. When you need to print a 3D object, AutoCAD can help you a lot. The software enhances file compatibility that helps to export the object in your preferred formats.

Engineering Drafting Tool: With the help of AutoCAD, you can draw any structure plan related to engineering. In this case, the accuracy of your work is maintained highly. It is like magical software, especially for mechanical, electrical, and civil engineers. After making the design, you can analyze, and even you can solve many error issues. Our engineers should be grateful for this software.

Useful in the Fashion Industry:  AutoCAD is a great tool for the fashion industry. Every product of jewelry is made of careful design and planning. The software has the tool to design jewelry products. If you use this software, you can also save many times. The software can be used to design toys as well.

Job Opportunities after Completing AutoCAD Course

It is obviously an important question that, what is your career opportunity after completing this course from AutoCAD training center? There are so many institutes and firms in our country where you can get a smart job. We want to let you know that architectural firms, mapping firms, civil engineering firms, advertising firms, electrical engineering firms, and many more firms use AutoCAD. So they always require AutoCAD expert. That means the job opportunity is huge for you. That is why we say the AutoCad course is a great opportunity for you.

Who Are Eligible For AutoCad Training?

To be honest, AutoCAD training is not a good option for all people. The course is very much compatible with the people who are belonging in the technology sector. The course will be the best decision for you if you’re a civil engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, or architecture engineer. The others can also get AutoCAD training, but you should have some knowledge about product dimensions and terminology related to this industry. For those, we arrange personal AutoCAD training if necessary. We just want to ensure that if you come to use you will never be disappointed.

Why You Come to DUSRA Soft For AutoCad Training?

We always like to prove us with our work, not with the rant. We always believe that the learner and the teacher should have a good relationship outside formality. And we maintain this. For that reason, all our students can ask anything that he couldn’t understand. We also think it is our responsibility to make you learn clearly after joining us. Most probably, for this reason, all our ex-students are very much grateful to us. We also feel proud of this. You may also visit our website and see the opinion of your happy students.

Bottom Line

AutoCAD is a software, and it can do many tasks, right? But the tasks are not ordinary. When you are using this software for designing a building, calculating the load, then you are taking so many responsibilities. We are very much confident that we are telling all the truth. That is why you should learn the course very carefully and with sincerity. You should not learn AutoCAD from an ordinary institute that can’t teach and guide you properly.

We want to tell you again you should complete the course from a good AutoCAD training center like DUSRA Soft.

Under the Graphics design course, we have Auto CAD Training, 3D Studio Max Training & 2D, 3D training courses for everyone in Dhaka Bangladesh. In these courses, we train people in different ways than other usual training centers. We try to teach people by letting them practice by themselves.

Let’s grab some details about the graphics training courses one by one. There are three basic courses under these criteria –

These pieces of training are specifically designed for one purpose. To make people experts in these courses. So, we try to teach people the best way they can learn. Let’s get some detailed ideas about these courses. and we are the Best Auto CAD training Center in Dhaka.

3D Studio Max Training in Dhaka

3Ds Studio Max is an animation and rendering software used to create an animation of a professional level.  They are the best in business. For architectural work, remodeling, redesigning this software can be used also. With this training, you can create professional-level animation and projects. you can say we are the Best Auto CAD training Center in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Course Fee & Schedule

Course Fee 20,500 BDT
Start date 18 May 2024
Total classes 32 ( 3 Month )
Schedule 1 11.30 AM to 1.00 PM
Schedule 2 Saturday, Monday & Wednesday (Offline Only )
Choice 2 days a week on demand (Online )
Total Seat 10 students per batch.
Pre-requisite Basic computer knowledge, Internet Browsing Knowledge
Total Hours 60 hrs
Class Duration 2 hrs
Online Admission Admission Now

Course Module

Briefly discussion on Auto CAD Installation, Description of extended Primitives and their creation method
Description of Auto CAD interface, Basic drawing tools: 1.Line, Circle, Polyline, Rectangle, Erasing object & Undo and Redo Actions
Organizing drawing objects on layers Preparing a layout to be plotted
3D viewing techniques Interface enhancements
Various 3D command enhancements and more.. Insert Raster image and free hand drawing with raster image
Electrical appliance add & electric diagram Cameras and setting the Shot Working with Target and Free cameras
Rendering, V-Ray and more Live Project


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What Our Happy Student Say?

I am Anny Konika Das. I was the student of DUSRA Soft. I think they are best for "Auto CAD Training". Our trainer was excellent & friendly. I have successfully completed my course and get a job. Thanks DUSRA Soft and thanks our trainer Faruk sir.

Anny Konika Das

I have successfully completed their training on different type of courses like web design & development,  Advanced Networking & Hardware and Freelancing. Actually i have come for "industrial training" from my institute. I have learned many thing that i did not learned before. I am grateful to DUSRA Soft.

Salim Reza

Hello, This is Tanvir Sakline. I have successfully completed responsive web design & wordpress course from DUSRA Soft. I have learned professionally from DUSRA Soft. Now i am a freelancer and entrepreneur. Best wishes for DUSRA Soft.

Tanvir Sakline

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