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Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management  Software in Bangladesh

Inventory is the material of any one business, the goods which are meant to sell in order to generate revenue. But to be honest, the main key to having better revenue is the keep track of the inventory that you have. Because if you have no idea what inventory or goods you have to sell, you cannot create a plan. That will lead you to a great loss in business. So we provide you the best inventory management software in Bangladesh.

So, now you know that you have to keep perfect records of your inventory. But what can be the easiest way of doing that? The easiest way is to have an Inventory Management Software.

The main function of an Inventory Management Software is to keeps tracks, organize, store and sort out the inventory. But this can be done without a software right? Yes, but it will cost you manpower, time and extra capital. You will have to keep more people to organize store and keep tracks of your inventory. You can do all of that and much more with having an inventory management software. And you can have this software custom made to your specification with us, DUSRA Soft, the leading Inventory Management Software in Bangladesh.Inventory management software

Features of an Inventory Management Software : 
1. Easy to use – It’s very much user-friendly. Anyone who knows how to use a computer can easily manage this software.
2. Data Storage – All the data of your inventory can be kept with this software.
3. Customization of Inventory – With this software, you can plan customization for your inventory.
4. Financial Database – In this software, you can create a price list of your inventory and keep a financial database for all your products.
5. Security – This software is completely secured. No one can access or hack it because it’s custom made and the database is completely off the record.

Benefits Of Using Inventory Management Software : 
1. This single software can do many types of works as mentioned in the feature, for which you would’ve hired people and wasted money. So it will save you a lot of money.
2. You can keep your customers updated with the list of your products created by this software.
3. The software can give you more accurate results than human beings as it’s coded to be right all the time. So there’s no chance of making mistakes.
4. You can have all the details of a product just by clicking its name because it will be recorded by the software which will save you time.

What We Can Do For You? 

1. We can make inventory management software for you with your customized options.
2. We will make sure that there are no errors in the software.
3. This software will be made only for you so there will be no chance of copying your business plan.
4. We will ensure maximum security of your inventory with the products.
5. We will make it as simple as possible for your ease of use, which you can use in your shop or superstore.
So why wait anymore when you can have your inventory management software made today? just contact us, we will discuss further and make your dream software just the way you want it to be.

Price:  50,000 BDT( NG)

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