CCNA Routing & Switching Training

Course Name: CCNA Routing & Switching Training

CCNA Routing & Switching Training


Computer Networking is a vital subject for students of Computer Telecom, Electrical & Electronics Technology. In this course, a student is given knowledge from primary level to advance. Students are taught with such practical tools that after completing the course they can work as IT support engineer or Network Engineer. We provide training with skilled, professional network engineers and evaluate our students with multiple exams. In that, students grow their self-confidence. Students can easily achieve good grades in the written interview exams of Banks, Insurance companies and other IT companies. For every students, we provide around 1000 Networking and IT -related Questions and Answers. If they have firm knowledge of these questions, hopefully they can overcome any ICT related tests.

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Course Fee & Schedule

Course Fee 9500 BDT
Start date 17th December, 2021
Total classes 36
Schedule 1 9 am to 11pm
Schedule 2 11.30pm to 1.30pm
Schedule 3 2pm to 4pm
Choice 2/3days a week
Total Seat 15 students per batch. (Remaining 10 Seat)
Pre-requisite IT Knowledge, Internet Browsing Knowledge
Total Hours 108 hrs
Class Duration 2-3 hrs
Payment System 70% Advance
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Course Module

  • Details of OSI Layer
  • Switching and Routing Behavior
  • IP Addressing and Sub netting
  • VLSM
  • CIDR
  • Subnet Mask and Wildcard Mask
  • Physical Cabling
  • Collision and Broadcast Domain
  • Static and Dynamic Routing Protocols
  • Understanding Routing Table
  • VLAN and Inter VLAN Routing
  • Access Control List
  • Router and Switch Configuration
  • Network Security
  • Concept of CCNA


  • It officer
  • IT Suport
  • Network Administrator

Job Place

  • Bank
  • Private Company
  • Telecommunication
  • Group of Company

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I am Anny Konika Das. I was the student of DUSRA Soft. I think they are best for "Auto CAD Training". Our trainer was excellent & friendly. I have successfully completed my course and get a job. Thanks DUSRA Soft and thanks our trainer Faruk sir.

Anny Konika Das

I have successfully completed their training on different type of courses like web design & development,  Advanced Networking & Hardware and Freelancing. Actually i have come for "industrial training" from my institute. I have learned many thing that i did not learned before. I am grateful to DUSRA Soft.

Salim Reza

Hello, This is Tanvir Sakline. I have successfully completed responsive web design & wordpress course from DUSRA Soft. I have learned professionally from DUSRA Soft. Now i am a freelancer and entrepreneur. Best wishes for DUSRA Soft.

Tanvir Sakline

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Dhaka, Bangladesh

Branch: Shat Masjid Road

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