IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Service Name: IT Consultancy/Branding Service

DUSRA SOFT is one of the leading consulting firms of Bangladesh and is a proud development partner providing sustainable solutions in infrastructure, project management and training for the local NGO- DEN (Digital Equality Network, visit: and its corporate subsidiaries. We’ve now opened a consultancy service for providing appropriate IT and Software Development solutions to IT departments of local corporate firms and business houses.

We strive to become a renowned software consultancy organization in our local country as well as gradually expanding to the global market. We’ve experts in managing complex IT Infrastructure to optimize performance and meet efficient operational goals. At DUSRA SOFT, we strive for 100% customer and employee satisfaction. Fostering strong partnerships with our clients and their respective employees has become an integral part of our success.

Range of DUSRA SOFT Consultancy Services :

  • Company Website Design and Development
  • Company Branding Services
  • IT Professional Courses Training / IT Support
  • Project Visualizations / Presentations
  • Training Infrastructure Support
  • Company IT Requirements Analysis Report
  • Company IT/Software Project Development
  • Company IT/Software Project Management
  • Company IT Maintenance
  • Payroll Management through IT/Software
  • Administration Management through IT/Software
  • Assets Management through IT/Software



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Bank Payment

Bank: Brac Bank
A/C No: 1509 2025 4334 6001

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Branch: Shat Masjid Road

Mobile Payment

bKash: 01717-890250 (Personal)
Rocket: 01717-8902501 (Personal)

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