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Digital Marketing Training

Can I Join on Digital Marketing Course?  Yes, of course. DUSRA Soft gives you this opportunity and arranges digital marketing training in Bangladesh. You should make yourself qualified with the changes of time. That is why a practical digital marketing course is highly recommended for you. You don’t need to have extra-ordinary type qualification. Just make sure you are spontaneous to learn digital marketing.

How Much Is It Impactful?

We told before with this policy it is possible to gain good results quickly. There are many policies that are taken by the businessman to increase the sale and to introduce a brand or product with the customer. Digital marketing is a smart option than the other we think. On the other hand, it is highly impactful as the customers are global-based and there was a way to reach them. It is a necessary thing.

Now the sales policy is not the same as it was before. Rather it has changed a lot. Nowadays we are very dependent on electronic media and our business also. That is why digital marketing in Bangladesh has a great impact to retain the existing customers and to capture the prospective customers also.

You may get both opportunities from DUSRA Soft. The first one is to get the digital marketing agency services and the second one offer to learn digital marketing. You can get any option r both. There is no limitation that you will not be eligible to select the second option if you already got first. It is a great opportunity for you we think.

What are the Major Branches of Digital Marketing Training in Bangladesh?

Digital marketing training in Bangladesh is a very vast thing, but we are not going for the details as all the branches you don’t need. Here we are going to discuss the branches of digital marketing that are important for you for your business regarding Bangladesh.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the best way for digital marketing. SEO needs to rank a website into good. SEO is the most important part of digital marketing. So SEO course is a must need to learn in digital marketing.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the best popular social platforms where people pass a lot of time per day. If you can promote your product perfectly on Facebook, you can feel its impact after passing a particular time. And you see, your business will go better.

Google Marketing

Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world. Can you say after counting how many times you search on Google in a day? Can you guess the effectiveness if it can be done successfully?

SMS Marketing

The cell phone is an electronic device that we use every day. To the other point of view, almost all adults have at least a cell phone. That is why it is a great idea to let them know about your business through an SMS. We do the job, and you can get digital marketing services from us.

YouTube Marketing

Is there any person who uses the internet but doesn’t like YouTube? You don’t find it at all. That is why YouTube is also an important platform where you can announce your business. People frequently enjoy videos, and they can get information about your product or brand quickly.

On the other hand, there have some good media where you can start digital marketing such as Linkedin, Twitter, Reddit, and so on. We also provide these services.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Training in Bangladesh

You have made some changes in business policy; among them, the most important is digital marketing. But, what are the benefits that we can get from digital marketing in Bangladesh? The benefits are many, but these are the most common. If you learning digital marketing then you can carry your business by using digital policy and digital marketing. you have not to need to pay other people for promoting your business.

Less Expensive

If you have well pre-plan, you will be able to reach all of the targeted customers. DUSRA Soft charges a minimum cost than the other digital marketing service company. That is why it is less expensive.

Global Reach

When you do digital marketing, your business area is not limited then. You will find an online platform from where you can sell your product. The benefit of this point is, your friend is now globally not locally.

Result comes quickly

Most people use online media to purchase anything. Yes, this is the real scenario. From the online media, you will get so many buyers, and after a certain time, you will see you have gained enough customers. That is why you get a quick result in digital marketing.

Concluding Words

Digital marketing in Bangladesh is not a very new thing. Many people couldn’t utilize this perfectly, but a large number of them are successful. So, DUSRA Soft provides highly professional digital marketing training in Bangladesh.  We hope you don’t stay backward. Does it solely depend on whether you want to get digital marketing services or courses? We are ready for both. Are you?

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Course Fee & Schedule

Course Fee 21,000 Taka only
Start date 18 May 2024
Total classes 32
Schedule 1 Offline: Saturday & Wednesday at 6.30 PM
Schedule 2 Online: Sunday & Thursday at 7.00 PM
Choice 2 days a week
Total Seat 10 students per batch. (Remaining 7 Seat)
Pre-requisite Basic HTML, IT Knowledge, Internet Browsing Knowledge
Total Hours 64 hrs
Class Duration 2-3 hrs
Payment System Full Paid
Online Admission Admission Now

Course Module

Concept of Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing
Facebook Marketing Social E-Mail Marketing
Search Engine Optimization Keyword Research
Onpage SEO Offpage SEO
Back Link Tools idea
Free Rank Check Web 2.0
Blog Post Guest Post


  • SEO Expert
  • Digital Marketer
  • Digital Marketing Consultants
  • Technical Jobs (Online)
  • Technical Jobs (Offline)
  • Internet Marketing

Job Place

  • Up Work
  • Five bucks
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • Digital Marking  company
  • Private Company

How Can DUSRA Soft assist you in Freelancing?

  • How to create an outsourcing website profile and 100% complete profile?
  • How to pass exams for separate outsourcing earning profiles?
  • How to apply and activate MasterCard & International Payments System?
  • Your first three or four client interviews practically solved by us?
  • After taking a course from DUSRA Soft Outsourcing Solution then you will get long-time support & help?

What Our Happy Student Say?

I am Anny Konika Das. I was the student of DUSRA Soft. I think they are best for "Auto CAD Training". Our trainer was excellent & friendly. I have successfully completed my course and get a job. Thanks DUSRA Soft and thanks our trainer Faruk sir.

Anny Konika Das

I have successfully completed their training on different type of courses like web design & development,  Advanced Networking & Hardware and Freelancing. Actually i have come for "industrial training" from my institute. I have learned many thing that i did not learned before. I am grateful to DUSRA Soft.

Salim Reza

Hello, This is Tanvir Sakline. I have successfully completed responsive web design & wordpress course from DUSRA Soft. I have learned professionally from DUSRA Soft. Now i am a freelancer and entrepreneur. Best wishes for DUSRA Soft.

Tanvir Sakline

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