Our Objectives

Our Objectives

As a Freelance training institute we believe in our students to achieve their goals and make achievable freelance job marketing targets. We also wish to be a leading company in Bangladesh in the field of Software Development. Website development and other IT Services, we are committed to enhancing our organization success. The software solutions we provide brings us a huge customer base, who are returning to us again and again.

This allows us to build a fortified way to the path of our company’s development and offers the possibility to respond promptly to our loyal customers. There is no Boss in DUSRA Soft. DUSRA Soft targets can be fixed inter departmentally in the entire company and the tasks of the project managers and employees can be aligned to them. That means all employees see themselves as part of their own build company and contribute for their own career success and prosperity.

Our continuous growth will be based on our proven strengths:

  • Extensively known for training quality,
  • Pioneers in Freelance training in Bangladesh
  • Pioneers in developing Freelance job solutions in Bangladesh
  • Unemployed youth engagement in freelance jobs


  • Provide high levels of quality training, value and service.
  • Continuous innovation in web design
  • Commitment to advanced technology.
  • Dedication towards professional and high work standards.

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Payment Method

Bank Payment

Bank: Brac Bank
A/C No: 1509 2025 4334 6001

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Branch: Shat Masjid Road

Mobile Payment

bKash: 01717-890250 (Personal)
Rocket: 01717-8902501 (Personal)

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