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What is E-Commerce Website? An e-commerce website is a website where you can build your online shop. A lot of people don’t know the perfect way to create a website but they want to build a website. Before creating an e-commerce website you need to know the basic things of creating an e-commerce website. Mainly people create an e-commerce website for build an online store to sell their products. Whenever you build your Electronic Commerce or E-Commerce business the first thing you need to do is to design your website perfectly then your website is going to be more beautiful. Website design is the first step than other stuff comes. We are the best e-commerce web development company in Bangladesh.

We are DUSRA Soft, we develop your E-Commerce Website within a few days. We have more than 6 years experience of developing the e-commerce website. Also, we are the best e-commerce web development company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. So you don’t need to worry for a single moment we will do this work without any kind of mistakes. Developing a website is a piece of cake for us. Just you have to tell us the way and we will do this work perfectly. Whenever you give us the direction we will able to create your dream e-commerce website. So don’t be late contact us today for developing your e-commerce website. We are very compared of the best e-commerce web development company in Bangladesh.

eCommerce is a rising trend in Bangladesh. We are developing many website for different organization and we are the best e-commerce web development company. DUSRA Soft has a team of professional web developers and designers who develop web applications/modules and provide.

Why do you need to develop a website for your company?

  • To put the identity of your business/organization in the global market.
  • To make updates of your business/organization from anyplace, anywhere.
  • Update site products, Update Manu as need, Manage site images, managed your brand.
  • To build up and maintain 100% your business website without delving into IT Knowledge
  • To modify/customize Slider Images or Gallery Images of your website.
  • To avail a robust backend without going to any complexities of C-Panel
  • Build and Develop Web Pages without any technical knowledge
  • Build Robust Menus on the Website.
  • To display user-friendly, cluster-free information to clients for easy user experience
  • What Will We Do For You?
  • As earlier we told you we will develop you dream e-commerce website within a few moments. Just you need to tell us the way you develop this website.Service That We Provide You
    1. We will make a user-friendly website for your visitors.
    2. We will provide you a unique design for your website.
    3. Provide you unlimited sliding picture animation.
    4. Provide you ultimate link pages with image editing.
    5. We will create an option to add unlimited products in your stock.
    6. Easily upload products and products images by using the admin panel. (You need to provide us the information for doing this task)
    7. You can easily edit your product list, price listing, and product description.
    8. You have the capability to product image zoom in and zoom out.
    9. We will provide you a standard shopping cart and a checkout cart.
    10. We will submit your website to Google Search Console and it will be automatically indexed within 24 hours.
    11. We will give you the update of first 1/2 month without any cost.
    12. If you want we will able to give you the Domain, Hosting and Email under our web hosting service.
    13. We will register your domain name and you have the cPanel access. (So whenever you want you can change your host without facing a single problem)
    14. You will be able to create unlimited email accounts under our web hosting service.
    15. We will provide you unlimited My SQL database.

    So these are the 15 most important features of your service. And whenever you hire us for your work you will be happy to give you more additional services if you want. So don’t be late contact us today for developing or building your e-commerce website.

Pricing Table

We Provide eCommerce Website design & Development Services Within Cheap Prices Compared To Others In The Market Place. DUSRA Soft is one of the best e-commerce web development company in Bangladesh.

    • E-CommercePrice: 60000/ $750
    • Web design Module
    • 1 home page with Attractive view
    • Unique Design
    • 100% Responsive
    • Unlimited Sliding picture animation
    • Unlimited Link pages with image editing
    • Option to add unlimited products to stock and inventory
    • Upload products and additional pictures using the admin panel
    • Easy to add, edit and remove products, price list and description by yourself
    • Product image zoom-in / Zoom-out capability
    • Standard shopping cart and checkout
    • Contact us page with Google map and quick contact form
    • User Manuals
    • Search engine submission
    • Free 1st 1/2 month small updating
    • Domain, Hosting and Email
    • Domain name registration with control panel
    • Domain name(.com/.net/.org/.info)
    • 4000 MB web space
    • unlimited e-mail account
    • Unlimited My SQL database
    • Other all standard feature
    • Development Time 30 Days
    • Renew Fee(Yearly): 15,000 Taka / $180
    • Order Now View Example

Customize Design On Client Requirement

Other than the above packages, DUSRA Soft develops several different types of Website Design & Development according to clients requirements. DUSRA Soft is the best eCommerce development company in Bangladesh. You can run your business using website. That called the online shop. A rough estimate of the price lists of the separate web components are given below:

Individual Web Module Price:

  • Online Feedback Form: tk 1000/ 12$
  • Facebook Likebox: tk 1500/ 18$
  • Digital Watch: tk 1000/ 12$
  • Digital Counter: tk 1000/12$
  • Blog System: tk 3000/40$
  • Google Map: tk 1000/ 12$
  • Banner: tk 1500/ 18$
  • Slider(Javascript-based): tk 3000/ 35$
  • Contents(A4): tk 1400/17$
  • Image(/designed/edited): tk 50/ .80$

Terms & Condition:

  • If Client Failed to provide the content within 30 days after contract then the project will count as a complete project.
  • Post Sales Support: 1 month
  • Charges per extra pages: 2000 taka / $26
  • If the page size is more the A4 size then additional cost will be 2000 take / $26 per A4 size Content
  • Domain and hosting must be renewing in every year before 1 month of the expired date. Otherwise, the additional cost will be added according to the domain hosting renew rules. For more Visit: or check WHO.IS
  • If the image needs to customized like background change or color change or any kind of editing then additional cost will be 50 takas / $0.7 per picture.

Payment Procedure:

  • 50% advance payment for website development
  • 50% due payment within 3 days after complete the full project.
  • Client must provide all content with work order.
  • Payment will goes to DUSRA soft account pay check.

(Within 48 Hours)

  • Free Of Cost


  • 1st Training(1 hour): Free
  • 2nd Training: 1000 taka / $12 4 hour (Inside DUSRA soft)
  • Training: 3000 taka / $35 per hour (Outside DUSRA Soft)-After 1st training, if needed.

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Payment Method

Bank Payment

Bank: Brac Bank
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Dhaka, Bangladesh

Branch: Shat Masjid Road

Mobile Payment

bKash: 01717-890250 (Personal)
Rocket: 01717-8902501 (Personal)

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